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Stands for Quality and Compassion


In the Summer of 2019, Ivy & Fig came under new ownership. When we purchased the company, we saw a solid little ecommerce company with decent sales and an opportunity to grow. The old company had some minor issues to fix, but mostly we believed that we could bring a fresh vision and passion to the company and turn that into something contagious.

As we looked at the products being sold and we started talking with people, it was clear that people liked the brand, but the products lacked a sense of craftsmanship.

"It was clear that people liked the brand, but the products lacked a sense of craftsmanship."


We took all the products back to the drawing board. We moved all our manufacturing from large factories in China to family-owned factories in Colombia. We sourced all the materials locally and made sure they met our highest standards of quality.

  • New Independent Factory
  • Over 30 years of Expertise
  • Highly Trained Craftsmen and Craftswomen

We've built personal relationships with out supplies and passed on the passion for these new products to them. From the people who make the vegan leather, to the people to press the Ivy & Fig badges, to the workers to sew the bags together, everyone can feel the excitement about this new thing happening at Ivy & Fig.


You don't want to fall in love with a new bag, find a place in there for all your things, use it as your every day bag, and then have that bag break, forcing you to start all over.

The NEW Ivy & Fig handbags and totes are made to be your forever bags. We want our bags to always be a part of your collection, so we made sure that every part of our manufacturing process was held to the highest standards of quality.

Highly Durable Vegan Leather

Reinforced Straps

Thoroughly Tested Hardware

Improved Finishes to Reduce Damage

Reinforced Stitching

Imported the Best Italian Glues


You can't bring your entire company down to the roots and rebuild all your products without asking some serious questions about who you want to be as a company.

In traveling the world visiting factories, speaking with manufacturers and suppliers and workers, we realized that our old dedication to "Cruelty Free Fashion" wasn't enough anymore. Yes, we still refuse to use any animal products, but we believe there is also a chance for the NEW Ivy & Fig to do more good in the world and take care of the people and the communities that we touch.

"The NEW Ivy & Fig should do more good in the world and take care of the people and the communities that we touch."


With intimate relationships formed with out suppliers, we've committed ourselves to the lives of the people we work with.

Bogota, Colombia is a culturally rich and modernized city and we want to support the continued growth and development of the community where our factory is located and the people who live there. By sourcing all our materials locally, we not only have better quality control, but we're able to support the other businesses in the area. In less than 5 minutes you can walk from our factory to the shop where we source our materials, and then to the factory where our hardware is made, and then over to meet the craftsmen who make the badges on our bags. Some of the people who work at the factory that makes Ivy & Fig handbags and wallets even have family who work at the other suppliers.

We chose this factory not only because of the quality of their work, but also because of their dedication to their community. Bogota is currently struggling with the number of single mothers trying to find work to support their families, so the Ivy & Fig factory committed themselves to trying to provide as many stable jobs as possible to single mothers. They're careful to grow their business in a reliable way so that they can avoid having to cut staff at any time. And they've reinvested back into the factory itself, making it a pleasant, clean, and safe place for people to work.

  • All materials and hardware are sourced within the same community
  • Our factory focuses on hiring single mothers, a common social issue in Colombia
  • Reinvests in factory improvements and amenities
  • Works to protect the jobs and livelihoods of the workers at our factory


We're dedicated to using as many sustainable materials as we can in the shipping of our products. Our boxes are recyclable, we don't use any foam filler, and even our product tags are cardboard attached with biodegradable rope. You’re going to really be thrilled when your Ivy & Fig box shows up on your porch, and we're going be proud of the way that it got there.