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Why You Should Switch to Vegan Leather

by Abe Chevlen on August 05, 2019

It does not come as a surprise that vegan leather is on the rise. From handbags to leather jackets, we have seen an increase in faux leather products being sold and the retailers that offer them increase in number. Many retailers, large and small, have taken action and are standing up for a better way of doing “leather”. Even designers like Stella McCartney are creating looks without the cruelty and cost of leather. 


The driving factor behind this rise lies in this; vegan leather makes a statement. It stands up for animals and for the planet.  More and more people are recognizing how important that really is. With thousands of vegan leather products now available to shop across many retailers, you’re not having to sacrifice personal style for a conscious and ethical purchase. You can take a stand and make a fashion statement. 

Vegan leather may be seemingly on-trend right now but why is it the lasting and sustainable choice for you? Why should you make the switch to vegan leather products and accessories? Here are a few good reasons to make the switch.


1. Fast fashion is being exposed for its harsh production practices and the potential damaging effects on our planet and its inhabitants. With many companies undergoing recent scrutiny for the way they acquire and create the products on their shelves, shoppers are looking to make better choices when it comes to where their money is spent (and what it supports). With more and more people making the move from fast fashion and investing in pieces that they can feel good about buying, vegan leather moves right to the top as an ethical choice for conscious buyers.


2. Vegan leather is the clear choice when it comes to animal rights. While seemingly obvious, this point hits home for many who have chosen to adopt the vegan lifestyle. With a cruelty-free mission, Vegans and those looking to stand up for the proper treatment of all living things, can get behind the rising trend. You do not have to sacrifice animals or good style when shopping vegan leather products. More so, you know your beliefs are being supported in every facet of your life, not just the foods you choose to eat.


3. The leather alternative industry is only growing. And it is not stopping any time soon. With the rise of minimalist fashion, the sustainable fashion movement, and the wider availability of these products, the industry is just getting started. People want to feel good about the way they spend their hard earned money. This means, they are willing to spend a little more if they know they are supporting a cause they believe in, a cause that makes a difference.


4. Made with products that are durable and sustainable, vegan leather is made to last. From polyurethane to PVC, vegan leather is crafted out of many different materials that are safer for animals and the planet. They are created to wear and last similarly to leather goods so you can feel confident that you are not sacrificing quality or your values.


5. Protecting the planet is not a fad. With the recent rise in awareness around issues like global warming, recycling, and kinder manufacturing practices in all industries, there is a greater focus on taking care of the home we’ve been given. Any and all efforts to lower pollution, reuse and recycle, and decrease the negative affects that the fashion industry can have on this world are being praised. Because we all know we don’t get a second planet.


So, whether you’re passionate about fashion, the planet, animal rights (or just really love handbags) you can play a part in changing the way the fashion industry does things, for the better. We all want to be a part of something bigger and vegan leather is one simple choice we can make to do that. We know there are many ways you can live more sustainably but cleaning up your closet is a good way to start. That’s why we are here; to help you fill your closet with pieces that make you feel not only beautiful, but proud. Changing the world doesn’t happen over night but with better products and practices, we believe it can happen one handbag at a time.

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