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Try Going Vegan for Just One Month

by Michelle Monato on January 07, 2020

We’re already a week into the new year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to try something new for the holidays!

Since 2014, a UK based nonprofit has been celebrating New Years by encouraging people to try the vegan lifestyle for just one month. Participants have doubled year over year since then and for 2020 approximately 350,000 people have dedicated one month to giving the lifestyle a shot.


If you’re like us, which statistically you are, even when you are really dedicated to a New Years resolution that first week, by the end of February it’s gone out the window. You give up sweets, but then valentine’s day comes along and there is candy in the break room. You give up bad language, but then you get cut off in traffic. It’s hard to change your habits and sometimes dedicating an entire year to it can be daunting.

That’s why just committing for one month is perfect, especially when this kind of lifestyle change can be really dramatic for most people.


"Trying the vegan lifestyle isn’t just about animal cruelty anymore."

Trying the vegan lifestyle isn’t just about animal cruelty anymore. People are going vegan because of the health benefits. They’re going vegan because of the benefits to climate change. As is always true with a social rebellion, like this, what was once made fun of as hippy-dippy or weird, is becoming the mainstream. People can see the benefits to themselves and the world around them and they know that our need for change is dire.

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If you try it, make sure you not only pay attention to what you eat, but take a look in your closet. Pay attention to your furniture, or to the seats in your car. Think about the pillow you sleep on or the blanket on your bed. Animal products are all around you, every day, and it’s important that we all be a little more aware.

You can take the pledge to try vegan for a month today by going to and join the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are trying to make a difference. If when the month is over you’re in love and you’re never going back, that’s great! But even if after your 30 days is up you reincorporate meat into your diet, we’re confident that the experience will change your relationship with your food, and help you to realize just how difficult it can be to completely remove animal products from your life--then we hope you’ll imagine how hart it was 15 years ago.

So take up the cause. Dedicate yourself for just one month. Cut meat and animal products from your diet. Support locally sourced food. Try out that local farmers market you keep driving by each week. As where something comes from before you buy it, and make sure that for just 30 days you live a little differently so that you can make a big difference.

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