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The only 8 handbags you'll ever need.

by Abe Chevlen on May 14, 2018

Handbags are probably our most used accessory. They hold our basic necessities, our practical items and sometimes, our dreams. They keep our valuables safe and our mess hidden. They keep our days simpler and our nights glamorous. And more often than not they complete our look. Turning style into fashion.

There are endless choices though, endless possibilities, at every price point. Colors, styles, fabrics. How do you choose? What purse for which occasion, which style when? It’s overwhelming and sometimes the price tags seem too high to make more than one handbag purchase.  We’ve decided to help you out and narrow it down to the eight types of handbags you’ll ever need; and all our prices are on point.

The Casual Everyday bag

These are bags that take you through your day while allowing you to show off your personal style. They’re multifunctional and practical while still having that edge you are looking for.


The Chic Tote

Every woman needs a tote, not just a bulky bag that you stuff things into but a fashion accessory that enhances your style. There’s a natural tendency to overfill a bag, so if you’re not carrying much beyond your wallet, a phone and a small amount of makeup, go for a smaller tote. A sturdier tote will work well on weekends and casual days, and can hold bigger items, while a leather tote can work well at the office and look chic and sophisticated.


The Cross Body Bag

This bag keeps your valuables close while giving you great freedom of movement.  A good cross-body bag will be easy to handle and sturdy. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. As goldilocks said, “just right”. The perfect cross body will make your life so much easier.


The Leather Day Satchel


This is the essential handbag. A medium to large bag with a handle that can hold just about everything. Always have on in a neutral color leather like black or medium to dark brown.  Try to stay classic with good lines and few logos. Try to pick a bag that suits your body type. Go with what naturally appeals to you and look for comfort as well as style.


The Day Clutch



A neat clutch for simple daytime excursions is imperative. Try to select one that has multiple pockets so you can carry your essentials. These bags can be lots of fun and feel free to play around with color here.

If you need a bigger day bag for everyday then simply carry this one inside your larger purse and grab it and go as needed.


The Evening Clutch


Every woman needs a couple evening bags. This is one bag that should be as timeless and classic as possible, because you want to be able to use it for years. There are so many options for a good dressy clutch. Choose more than one. You won’t be disappointed. 

Medium Size Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are super important for your day to day on the go routine. The style is perfect for quick movement in and out of cars and running from work to errands and back. Shoulder bags are great in leather, suede, or even canvas. Let the season be your guide. There are so many options for this kind of bag. Have fun with it. The possibilities are endless.  

The Colored Wallet Purse


Spread your wings with color and liven up your wardrobe with some fun colored accessories. These options will bring a smile to your face and a lightness to your step. They are a fun and easy way to spruce up your style without a big price tag.


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