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The New Neutral: Fall(ing) for Greens

by Abe Chevlen on August 12, 2019



Here at Ivy and Fig, we love our greens. And we are not talking about the ones you fill your plate with as a part of a balanced, vegan diet. (We love those too, of course!) We are talking about the color! We love the many tones and shades of green!


We all know that neutrals are the classic and easy choice when choosing a color for a handbag or tote. It matches with most everything, it never goes off trend, and it is timeless. Especially with leather products (or in our case vegan leather), the choice of brown and grey tones is an easy one. These tones are versatile. And versatility is key when it comes to finding that perfect bag. That is why most of our bags come with color options in these tones.


But what about the color green? Why do we offer such a large selection of our products in green tones? Is green on the rise as the newest neutral? Let’s discuss a few important facts about the color green. 


You may have noticed the recent pop up of camouflage influenced prints. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Ariana Grande are rocking the camo. It’s being incorporated in designer lines like Coach, Michael Kors, and Steve Madden. Even everyday consumer brands are on the camouflage bandwagon. Brands like Gap, J.Crew, Lucky, and Herschel are all offering a wide selection of camo print items. From shoes and bags to jackets, tops and pants, the print is slowly becoming a staple in the fashion industry. 


While camouflage has been reinvented in many colors and renditions of the pattern, the most popular color for the print sticks to its roots: green. With green slowly becoming a staple color (made possible by its faithful print pal, camouflage) there is now a greater demand for products offered in this color. But can green, in all its shades, really become the next neutral?


Let’s start with Olive tones. We know you have seen them and we know lots of you love them. It is that perfect shade of green. With its close to tan vibes and its ability to blend in like a neutral, it is the perfect addition to any outfit. Its also doesn’t have the harsh “either-or” dilemma of black or brown (which we all know should be a totally acceptable combo these days). It just blends as a neutral should. Black and olive? Yes! Brown and olive? Yep! White and olive? Of course! The possibilities are endless for this color. And we are here for it. 


Now what about the other tones of green? Can those really be a neutral? If we are talking lime green, its ability to neutralize maybe be in question, regardless of our belief that ANY color (as long as you love it) is the color you should wear. But even deep forrest greens bring a vibe to an outfit that just feels good. Maybe its because it pays homage to nature or it is a refreshing step away from your traditional neutrals. Whatever the case may be, green, in most of its darker shades, can easily become a neutral alternative in any wardrobe. 


Those are not the only reasons we are rooting for green! It would be a disservice not to address the upcoming season with its overwhelming popularity by the masses. Fall is quickly approaching and we all know how much we love our fall wardrobes. From the layers and scarves and hats, to the deeper and darker color palettes on display, Fall is when green takes main stage. 


Nature is the best example of greens, and rusts, and deep reds all flowing together in perfect harmony. In fact, nature is where so much of the inspiration behind the Ivy and Fig product line comes from. That is why we value its protection at such a high level. It allows us to see, in the most pure and authentic form, how colors and patterns can work together; how they were designed to exist side by side. We know this because each of us has experienced that perfect Fall day. It is the one where all of those colors come to life; through the leaves changing colors, the air getting crisper, and the Earth changing its tones. It is something special. And when we take that inspiration, that feeling, to our closets and our wardrobes, something magical happens. 


With Fall coming in just a handful of weeks, integrating green into your wardrobe not only fits right in with the season, but it is also that perfect time for you take a chance…to give this new neutral a try. And don’t worry about not being able to use it in other seasons. With the lighter, olive-based tones, green truly functions as any popular neutral would. It is versatile, subtle, and conforms to any style. 


We really are falling for the color green over here. From the recent popularity of the camouflage print to the abundant availability of the color in many shades and tones, we think green is here to stay. It is versatile, pays homage to nature, and in vegan leather, it makes a positive and stylish statement. It truly is on its way to being the new neutral. So what do you think? Want to give green a try?


You will find some of our favorite bags and accessories offered in the color green. If you are looking for a jewel toned green, look no further than our Symphony tote in green. Along with the Leticia Exquisite Daily bag, in a similar tone, this deep green is the perfect Fall and Winter color to add to your wardrobe. For the more neutral and olive toned greens, you can shop the Natty Nubuck Messenger bag. We also have our small Retro Shoulder bag available in this tone. Olive tones are the perfect neutral to carry all year long and its versatility allows you to wear it with anything, anyway you’d like. And with all of these offered in vegan leather, you know you are making a purchase that mother nature would approve of. So go ahead. Get your green on. 

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