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Silver - a modern day classic.

by Lori S on March 28, 2018  in ivy and figsilver accessoriessilver jewelry

Silver is an all-time classic, favorite kind of jewelry that seems to span fashion styles around the globe.

Almost every woman owns some elegant, subtle, or even dazzling silver piece - whether it's earrings, necklaces or rings, or some other accessory - that can instantly boost the style of the outfit she's wearing and capture attention in no time.

The iconic silver can add extra "oomph" and sparkle to your party attire, and effortlessly radiates personality to almost any outfit you can think of.

We're not exaggerating when we say, we've been known to fall in love with the delicate shine and shimmer of some of our fave silver accessories.

In recent fashion weeks, such as Milan, Paris, and London 2018, we've seen the top jewelry brands launch their latest designs in silver.

Clearly, the timeless silver jewelry trend is alive and well, and won't be fading away any time soon. 

Here are some silver pieces that are timeless, yet trendy enough to be a staple in your jewelry rotation.

So elevate your personal style and upgrade your outfit, with...silver. 


2018 fashion trends are all about being bold and outstanding with your jewelry.

Pure statement pieces, like multi-layered and collar necklaces, can freshen up any outfit without overdoing it.

Wear it with street-style jeans and a cropped top, or with a floral mini-skirt - you really can't go wrong with a statement piece of silver around your neck.

If you really want to flaunt it - proudly sport this gorgeous style with a deep V -neck or long evening gown. 


Silver bracelets are another timeless piece of jewelry that can add a sparkle to shine to your overall personality, and seem to radiate charm effortlessly, without exaggerating or overdoing your style. 

Whether at the workplace or out with friends, you can opt for largish silver bracelets  - sport one with diamonds in the middle if you REALLY want to be the center of attention - or simply layer up your wrists with a few delicate silver-chained bracelets to subtly accentuate your femininity.



Like we've said before, 2018 earring trends favor oversized, larger-than-life hoops and dazzling drop-earrings, and these come alive like no other piece with the added sparkle of silver.

Pair them and wear them with almost any kind of outfit, from casual to formal, without going wrong, as this season is all about conforming your statement jewelry to your attire, not vs. versa. 

Pretty, dangling silver earrings can polish your outfit and are a must-have set to add to your jewelry collection, if you don't have a pair already.


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