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Ivy and Fig Lights it Up Blue

by Lori S on March 26, 2018  in autism awareness dayblue accessoriesivy and figlight it up blue

April 2nd is global World Autism Awareness Day, a day in which we show unity, love, and understanding to those who are autistic, and their families.

Traditionally, April 2nd is celebrated with the slogan, ‘Light It Up Blue’ and blue colors are worn as a symbol of participation in the awareness campaign.  

While the concept of of wearing blue may seem trivial and insignificant, it can actually accomplish quite a lot.

The primary purpose of Autism Awareness Day is to educate. While a significant portion of the world's population, young and old alike, struggles with austistic challenges, it still is a relatively unknown and misunderstood diagnosis.

April 2nd is an opportunity to educate others about the real-life issues that autistic persons and their families face, and get them to start thinking how they can help.

Another reason for wearing blue is to pledge our solidarity to those who struggle with the lifelong challenge that austism presents.

Autism is not something that fades over time, nor is there a cure. Autistic individuals often feel...individual; different and alone in the world, on account of their unique personalities.

By wearing blue, we send them a message that we are aware of their issues, share their pain, and hope to alleviate some of their burden that they carry quietly alone.

Even if you have no family member, friends or loved ones who struggle with autism, by wearing blue, it shows support for this noble cause.


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