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Jewelry 101: Caring for Your Favorite Pieces

by Mary Lynn Medina on August 01, 2017

You bought a great piece of jewelry, because why not?!  It’s summertime which means we’re all on the hunt for a beautiful piece we can rock everyday. Regardless of what your favorite piece is, jewelry can be a great accent to any outfit whether it be spicing up anything from your daily uniform to a chic nighttime outfit. Either way getting attached to certain pieces of jewelry might contribute to their not so lasting legacy. There is no magic way to preserve your jewelry’s  original shining essence, but here are some tricks to help maintain its longevity.

  1. Keep it clean

Avoid spraying hair spray, or perfume when wearing your piece of jewelry. Avoid pointing lotion on when wearing that awesome statement ring. Don’t expose it to oils or any other harsh chemicals which can cause its demise.

  1. Do not wear jewelry in the shower

Keep yourself clean without ruining your favorite necklace! Be sure to  take your beloved pieces off before entering the shower to avoid any potential rusting or discoloration due to moisture.

  1. BAG IT!

To maintain longevity when storing your jewelry, try to keep it in a pouch, jewelry box, even a zip lock bag.

  1. Don’t be a repeat offender!

Try not to wear your jewelry everyday, let it have some time off and rest. The oils from your skin also affect the longevity of most jewelry pieces. On that note, give it a rest! Avoid sleeping in your jewelry.

Hope these tips help give your adored piece of costume jewelry a long life span, I know how much I love my costume pieces!!

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