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How to shop for animal-free accessories

Since Gucci's animal-free Spring/Summer Collection 2018, launched during Milan Fashion Week, many other fashion brands are taking the initiative by manufacturing stylish lines of animal-free products and accessories.  

At Ivy & Fig, we embrace this trend wholeheartedly. You won't find any products on our site created out of animal cruelty or by hurting the environment.

Ivy & Fig embraces the animal-free and vegan product and accessory movement, and by offering our new, animal-cruelty free line of designer handbags, we hope to promote a more aware and responsible accessory shopping experience. 

Here we share some tips for responsible, animal-free accessory shopping. 

Find Yourself a Quality Vegan Store

The best and most time-saving solution is to look for a store which only sells vegan/vegetarian accessories.

Most ordinary stores offer both vegan AND animal leather products, especially in the handbag and shoes accessories space. In order to find out if they are a totally animal-free store or not, you'd have to spend time reading the labels and deciphering details about the manufacturing material of the products.

A proper Vegan store ONLY sells animal-free products, so you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing process, and you can rest assured that any product or accessory that catches your eye is, without a doubt, animal-free. doubt.

Read the Label 

If a vegan store isn't conveniently accessible, here's a few ways you still be an aware and responsible shopper, even when purchasing from ordinary stores.

When checking labels, read them closely to learn out about the details and the manufacturing material of the products. This is especially true for handbags, which typically produced from animal leather. 

High Prices are a Giveaway

Almost always, animal-leather bags and accessories will be significantly more expensive than vegan products. So the price tag will provide you with a clue as to whether or not the accessory you're looking at is truly animal-leather free or not. 

Just Ask 

If you don’t find a label with manufacturing details, or the information is incomplete, just ask directly for the details from the seller.

Just say, "Can you show me which products are vegan and animal-free?", and 9 times out of 10, they'll be only to help to help and you'll save yourself what can add up to a lot of time and energy.

Good luck - and shop responsibly out there!

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