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5 Plans for Valentine’s Day that are better than a Reservation

by Abe Chevlen on January 31, 2020

Getting a dinner reservation at Valentine’s Day can be a serious pain in the neck. So it can really make your day more fun and memorable if you plan something together that isn’t just a nice dinner.

A good Valentine’s Day plan should be an opportunity for you to make time for each other in a way that is memorable, and personally, I’ve have plenty of dinners in my life and very few were memorable.

So in an effort to help, here are 5 ideas that might be more interesting than just another expensive meal.


Plan a hike together


Plan a Hike Together

Get outside. Obviously this one probably happens a bit earlier in the day, but Valentine’s Day is a Friday this year, so maybe you can get off work a little early, or even make your couple’s day together Saturday instead.

A little time out in the fresh air isn’t just healthy for you, it’ll let you clear your mind, and you can both spend the time talking and enjoying the experience together. Try to make sure it’s a hike you haven’t done before, and do a little research to find one that has plenty of beautiful views and places to stop.

A good hike with your partner isn’t about the exercise or the destination, it’s about the time together. So make an effort to stop frequently enough and enjoy your surroundings with the other person. You’re not trying to wear yourselves our, you’re trying to get away from the normal busy of everyday life that can sometimes make a relationship feel like it’s on rails.

Make sure to think about how much your partner likes hikes, too. If they aren’t big into hikes, find a shorter one, or one where there is plenty of incentive for them to have fun, like maybe there is a nice lake, waterfall, or open field along the way where you can stop, instead of being stuck on a long hike with someone who hates hiking.


Volunteer for a local nonprofit together


Support a Local Nonprofit Together

First, think about what things your partner is passionate about, or comfortable with, and make sure to pick a charity or nonprofit that fits. If your partner is uncomfortable talking with strangers, then maybe don’t volunteer them for a soup kitchen.

Look for charities or nonprofits that your can both support together. Look into agencies that help feed the homeless, or tend to the elderly. Many cities have organizations that will help you find people in your own neighborhood who need help, or just need someone to visit them. That’s a great way to not only do something with your partner that you’ll both remember and feel good about, but it’s a great way to become more involved in your own community.

The relationships that you both create here might become a long lasting part of your life and something that you both cherish as a part of your own story together.

If you can’t find something you’re both comfortable with, look for a local charity, like one that supplies new clothes to children in low income households, and simply go shopping together for the things you want to donate. You might be surprised by how much fun it can be buying clothes, toys, and supplies knowing that it’s going to help children in need.

Whatever you do together, it’ll be a positive and lasting memory.


Visit a Animal Shelter together


Visit a Nearby Farm or Animal Sanctuary

Okay, there is an obvious conflict here because as a vegan business we would prefer that animals not be living their lives on farms. But, we also really love animals and it can be really fun to spend some time visiting a local farm as long as they have the best practices and treat their animals well.

An animal sanctuary, where animals have been rescued, is certainly a much better option and is a miles ahead of a day at the zoo.

This is a fun one if you and your partner can only carve out so much time or if you have kids and you’re going to have your kids with you. It’s a wonderfully educational activity and it’s certainly more fun than a candle-light dinner.


Spend the night in together


Stay In (Still get a babysitter if you have kids)

Hear us out, because this one is obvious, but we still there there is a stigma about this being too lazy an option. When people think about this they get nervous, especially guys, that this will sound like a cop out, but it absolutely isn’t. If you have kids, or you both have busy jobs and most weekends you are very active with friends or activities, deliberately carving out some quiet time can be way more impactful to your relationship than a dinner at a restaurant.

Taking care of yourselves and your own mental health is important, and it’s a vital part of how you can support each other. Even consider this if you aren’t terribly stressed but you know your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is. Giving them that time can be huge.

If you have kids, get a babysitter who will keep your kids with them or take them our somewhere. Don’t just order pizza and a watch a movie, unless you literally can’t remember the last time you did. Plan some games to play together, or cook a nice meal together, or just sit and talk TOGETHER. Do you see where we’re going with this? the most important part is that you dedicate your attention to each other.


Plan a craft together


Plan a Craft or Make Art Together

Get a couple canvases and some paint. Or get some of the plasticine clay that you can bake at home and make sculptures. If your partner knows how to knit or do cross-stitch, get some beginner plans online and have them teach you that skill.

There are countless sites that will outline fun crafts of all different difficulties and you can find one or a few of those that you think would be fun.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you both enjoy the time spent together.

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