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5 Loving ways to give back this Valentine’s Day

by Michelle Monato on February 10, 2020

Don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with, or maybe you’re looking for an interesting way that you and your partner can celebrate in a way that shows some love to the people around you? We’ve got a few ideas that might become permanent traditions for you.



Dine Locally

Try not to get your Valentine’s Day reservation at a big chain restaurant, instead, choose to take your partner to a small local joint that you both enjoy. Even if it isn’t the fanciest dinner, you’ll know that you’re supporting your local neighborhood and economy.

As an added perk, look for restaurants with more sustainably sourced food, like ones that purchase from local farmers.



Plant a Tree--Heck, Plant a Few

Movements like #teamtrees have really gotten people talking again about combating the effects of climate change by planting new trees. Whether you’re planting the trees yourself or making a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation in the name of your spouse or loved one, it’s a great way for you to celebrate the holiday of love.

If you’re currently in a relationship, planting some new trees might be a fun activity to do together.



Volunteer for a local nonprofit

We discussed this in our blog about 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that aren’t a dinner reservation. Find out if their is an assisted living home nearby, or a food kitchen, that you can help support for the day or over the Valentine’s Day weekend. This is a great way to make a positive impact on the lives of the people who live around you.



Rescue an Animal

Okay, don’t just do this cause it sounds fun. If you have a loving home and you can properly provide for a new animal, but maybe you’ve been putting it off because training a new puppy sounds too stressful, maybe this Valentine’s Day is the day to do it.

Visit your local animal shelter or look for adoption events near you. Note that we didn’t say go buy a pet, we said go rescue one.



Any holiday is a good opportunity to make a donation to your favorite charity--or a new one--but Valentine’s Day seems especially appropriate. That’s what we’re doing.

During our Valentine’s Day sale, we’re giving a portion of the profits from each order to PeTA. Not only do they help fight animal cruelty around the world, but they also help rescue animals from dangerous situations, like unhealthy environments or natural disasters.

Consider making a donation in your partner’s name. Your donation can do more good than you may realize.

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